Tuesday, 10 January 2012

today 10 january

Today was a ok school was good and friends were fine keep on breaking up wiv my 2nd mate but me and my bff disided to not ever be her friend but i think she will. i went to childminders (that is boring) and after went to my friends arrived at her house asked can we play on the wii she said play with wee (she knew what i meant) and kept anoying me she said lets make cakes i said mmm no she made me we went to go get the cake mixture from my house then got back to hers. her mum said oh im not aloud in so stupid me  had to say  "IM NOT YOUR FRIEND ANYMORE so stormed of home got home had dinner nice chineise mum made and just played on computer i think tommorow might  be a better day have to get gabija back

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